Thursday, January 17, 2019

Five Years Gone

Last week, I received an email informing me I have posted on this blog now for five years. December of 2013 seems like such a long time ago, but that is when I made my first ever post. At the time, I had the very grandiose idea of posting some piece of longform thought on any topic that came of interest once a month for one full year. I did not know who would read it, nor did I really care. That is not to say I did not care about the people who read it when, in fact, the people who were reading it are people who know me, i.e. family and friends. No, I care deeply for anyone who has given me a second of thought on this blog; rather, I simply did not have an intended audience.

Since December of 2013, I am proud to say I have not missed a single month of posting. Of course, I have cheated on some of those—posting a couple of lists or reviews or wrap-ups in lieu of an actual longform post. Recently, my posts have been responses to a podcast, more or less off-the-cuff thoughts and not full-fledged articles. For the most part, though, I have stuck to my original vision, and that makes me happy. I have been writing things that interest me and keeping myself on a routine, far longer than I ever intended. I hope to continue going at this regular, albeit slow, pace. Whether I ever find the time to get back to longer posts remains to be seen. But to anyone reading this, or any of my previous or future posts, thank you so much.

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